Help us support a child’s Right to Imagine

A child’s imagination is a pure and precious place. It’s why every dollar you spend in The Imaginary Toy Store goes towards Act for Kids’ Integrated Therapy Service — providing services to kids who need help healing from trauma they’ve experienced due to suffering abuse and neglect.

Because every child should have the Right to Imagine.

Rabbit Rabbit
Koko the Koala


Soft toys are often used in therapy for role play.

Kids use toys to share a story that they may feel embarrassed or ashamed to tell their therapist about.

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Fire Truck aka Racing Car


Playing with blocks helps children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and reasoning.

They can also help with language (naming colours) and practicing social skills – like turn taking with their Speech Pathologist.

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Soft toys are a great therapeutic tool to help kids settle into new environments and feel safe.

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El Pompey


Maracas are used in music therapy to help kids find their rhythm.

Rhythm is a powerful regulator in therapy. Therapists use music and rhythmic repetition with kids as a tool for calming down.

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Baby dolls are used in therapy to explore trauma narratives. They help kids to express their feelings through role play and storytelling.

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Therapists use toy animals to act out social stories; which help kids to develop understanding, empathy and care for other creatures.

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Therapists choose dinosaurs as therapeutic tools to build rapport with kids who like to talk about their special interests. Kids remembering the dinosaur names builds memory strength and language skills.

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Our therapists often use a range of animal toys in our therapy sessions.

Kids use the animals as symbols in therapy to depict the people in their life.

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Teddy bears are used as a therapeutic tool to support bedtime routines.

Many children who have experienced trauma need help in establishing a night-time routine.

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Dolls are used to build social stories and role play during therapy.

Dolls can also help children learn social skills and develop empathy.

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Double Decker


Toy vehicles teach kids about safety, build their fine motor skills as well as keeping them active and moving.

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Other amount


Stacking rings helps kids develop fine motor skills, language (naming colours) and practice social skills – like turn taking with their Speech Pathologist.

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Please note: The Imaginary Toy Store is not a toy drive, so please do not send us toys. Act for Kids invented the Imaginary Toy Store as a fundraiser to provide therapy services to children in need. The best way you can help is to purchase one of the imaginary toys above – by way of donation. Thanks for your support!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Imaginary Toy Store exists to support a child’s Right to Imagine. So, you won’t receive an actual, physical toy — because you’re helping to give the gift of imagination to children who have experienced trauma. Some abused children simply cannot ‘imagine’ or ‘create’ things in their mind. Early childhood intervention, care and therapy all play a critical role in supporting and healing the minds of traumatised children.

All donors will be able to download a digital token — enabling you to print your imaginary toy if you are gifting it to someone you love, or so you can share on your socials to further spread the Imaginary Toy Store message.

Every dollar raised will be contributed to Act for Kids’ Integrated Therapy Service – a program which helps children to heal from the trauma they have experienced because of the neglect and abuse they have suffered.

Yes, you can donate as many times as you’d like! Every time you donate, you’re helping to give the gift of imagination to a child who needs it most. A toy from the Imaginary Toy Store is the perfect gift for your loved ones if you’re struggling to shop this Christmas.

Absolutely not. You can select to purchase one (or more) of the imaginary toys in store, to the nominated, or accumulative total… OR you can also select the ‘other amount’ button and nominate any amount you would like to give. Donations can be as little as $2 and go up to $50,000. All donations are tax deductable.

The Imaginary Toy Store will close its virtual doors on Friday, 31 December 2021. You can donate throughout the year to Act for Kids directly via the main website

No. This campaign is aimed at generating much-needed funds to support Act for Kids’ Integrated Therapy Service. Every dollar generated through the Imaginary Toy Store will be used to provide abused Aussie kids with the therapy services they need to heal from trauma.